Most Important Instagram Trends to Keep an Eye on (2022)

Most Important Instagram Trends to Keep an Eye on (2022)

Instagram trends have the potential to make or ruin your social marketing campaign. To remain ahead of your competitors, try out new features and buy InstagramFollowers and Likes.

The dancing revolution is still ongoing.

TikTok emerged from lip-syncing software, so music and dance are in their very DNA. And, as the platform has grown into a social media juggernaut, its trends and habits have begun to permeate other venues.

This means that dance and dancing challenges have become a regular feature on Instagram, with users breaking moves on Reels, Stories, and the main feed.

According to Instagram's own 2022 trend analysis, one-third of its adolescent users are "eager to see more dance challenges in 2022," so expect more intricate routines and shifting styles on the platform, as well as strong engagement for companies that participate in or initiate dance challenges.

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Creators are supreme.

Four out of every five Gen Z Instagram users believe that producers have as much or more cultural influence as established celebrities. And, thanks to the rise of the creator economy during the epidemic, there are more of these content geniuses on Instagram than before: 50 million as of 2021.

In the United States, 72.5 percent of marketers anticipate leveraging influencer marketing by 2022, and Instagram's Collabs and Branded Content advertisements make it easier than ever for companies to work.

The platform's latest functionalities enable artists to name businesses with which they want to collaborate, as well as brands to filter and search for the best-fit creators for specific campaigns.

Therefore, Instagram is playing matchmaker to the best of its ability and really, really wants you two to click. A new section in direct messages dedicated to partner communications is meant to make it easier to communicate with a potential collaborator.

The potential for creators to earn affiliate income for Instagram stores or start up their own shops in collaboration with companies is currently under development.

IGTV, rest in peace.

Instagram announced the demise of IGTV, its exclusive long-form video format, in October 2021. Users can now publish content up to 60 minutes in length directly to the main Instagram feed.

On profile pages, feed videos and IGTV videos will be accessible through a single tab (Reels get their own dedicated tab). Meanwhile, the IGTV app is being renamed the Instagram TV app.

To put it another way? If you enjoy creating long-form video content for Instagram, the door is still open... and our recommendations for learning the form are still relevant!

Live Long Reels

Instagram Reels, the short-form video format meant to compete with TikTok, launched what feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago. Reels have become a cornerstone in the current Instagram experience, thanks to an aggressive algorithmic push (and a front-and-center location in the app's navigation).

It corresponds to a broader social trend toward short-form information. Even YouTube has gotten into the "Shorts" game.

If you haven't tried Reels yet, there's no better time than now. As TikTok continues to dominate the social media landscape, Instagram is likely to reward Reels users, so you may experience an increase in exposure or interaction for experimenting with the format.

Story links for everyone

Instagram first enabled swipe-up links for accounts with 10,000 or even more followers a couple of years ago, but connections became more accessible this fall. Anyone (even you!) may now add a link sticker to their post, creating a significant opportunity for smaller organizations looking to drive traffic to another site or platform.

More users are likely to take advantage of a new capacity as we approach 2022. Simply touch on the "add sticker" icon in create mode and choose the "link" sticker to add an external link to your tale. You'll be requested to enter the URL and, if you like, you may also change the sticker wording.

Social media for social justice

Although 2020 was a watershed moment for social justice, interest in advocacy, activism, and involvement remains strong in 2022: Instagram says that social justice advocates are among its most engaged social users.

In 2022, Generation Z intends to donate even more money to social causes than in prior years, and 28% intend to follow more social justice accounts on social media. If your company has a link to a cause, charity, or non-profit, now is a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on that connection and share your principles.

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