Whether you have a long experience with YouTube or are just starting out on the platform, creating content for YouTube can be difficult. Even the most experienced content creators can sometimes struggle with mind-blowing topics, maximize their posting schedule, and increase engagement. So how can you navigate (and be sensible) in a sea of ​​content when there is so much content and so little time to create? Create content strategies that set you apart from the competition! While the term "content strategy" may seem overly technical, it's actually just a beautiful way of saying "what to publish and when". So how do you create your ideal content strategy? Read on to find out and don't forget to check out some bonus tips on how to maximize your content!

Get to know your audience

As with any business strategy, it's important to know who your ideal audience is. You may already know the general characteristics of your target population (gender, age, interests), but now is the time to be specific.

Where does your audience come from? Not just which country, but which cities and towns? What specific ages interact most with your content? Are there more men than women who like your posts, but more women than men who comment? Use this information to your advantage!

Another important factor to consider is what interests your target audience in addition to your niche. This will allow you to maximize the value you can reach your audience. For example, if your site has technical reviews and your audience is also a big fan of productivity-related content, create some videos on the best gadgets or apps that can help increase your productivity! Be creative and find out who your audience is.

Use built-in analytics

But how do you know all about your audience (except to be very careful in the comments section)? With the built-in analytics of social media platforms, you can learn a great deal about everything you need to create strong content strategies. YouTube's built-in analytics is great, but don't shy away from your other social media profiles. You have the potential to have the same audience on all platforms, so use it to your advantage.

Your analytics can show you who is the most active and when, which brings us to the next point ...

Decide what you want to post

Knowing who your audience allows you to determine the type of content you want to create. Now that you know exactly who is watching, adjust your content accordingly. If you suddenly find out that you have a larger female audience than you think, then maybe make some videos in the niche that the target audience will appreciate for women. Or you may find that older viewers don't comment much, perhaps because they are unfamiliar with the process. To help you out, including a thank you message at the end of the video with a brief instruction on how to post a comment and some encouragement and thanks. You'll be amazed at how useful it can be!

"Don't try to spread too much," he said. You don't have to create all kinds of content to please every member of your audience. After all, they are looking at your content for a reason! Choose 3 places for a safe start and stick to these themes.

And when do you want to publish it?

And now that you know who's watching, it's time to create a program that maximizes your engagement. Use your pre-existing analytics and insights to determine when engagement is greatest for your posts on the platforms. If you don't have enough data to come up with a solid plan, a quick Google search can get you started right.

Improve your content by purchasing YouTube views

So now you are a content creator and your content strategy is flawless. Maybe you're experiencing tremendous engagement on all platforms and your YouTube channel is growing like never before, or maybe you're still a little behind your goals and want to see real progress. Whether you're in trouble or not, buying YouTube views (and buying YouTube watch times, subscribers, likes, comments, etc.) is a great way to build a strong engagement base on your channel and grow your content. The more engagement you have, the more you will gain through the power of social proof.

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