First, let's take a step-by-step look at how to buy Instagram followers.


Over the past three years, many fake Instagram followers have lost business as Instagram continues to crack down on bots, junk accounts and flight operations that provide them. Today, finding a well-known Instagram follower provider is tantamount to finding a well-known human organ seller. This is a big market.

Finding a seller will require some research that does not steal your money or does not steal your identity. Okay, I guess the other one, but that's a reasonable guess. For this experience, I decided to go with Naizop. (Read on to learn more about some of the other Services they are providing)

Decide if you want to buy in bulk or get a daily shortage of followers. Both options are available, but the providers offer this choice, which is one thousand followers at a time or 200 daily, to dispel the illusion that no one (including Instagram) can say that. That you have bought your followers.


For a variety of reasons. I decided to buy everything at once. Naizop sells 1,000 followers for 15.95. Decide if you want to buy likes and comments while you're at it. Obviously an upsell. For an extra 7 9.71 in Dollars, I decided to give myself 1,000 likes for my 5 recent posts.


Again, the idea is that buying engagement will make it less clear that your followers are fake. But, as you will see below: it will not happen. Just as I tried to zoom in on my jumble as a luxury athlete, there's really no way to hide this extremely slow choice.


Submit your Instagram username and credit card information. Now, tell your service where to send their bots. No password required. Of course, giving your credit card details to a randomly numbered company or Gmail address may seem strange, and the reason is that it is slow. I did it for science.


See the arrival of followers. I broke that checkout button at 3pm and they promised me 6 days turnaround time, but within half an hour my followers started appearing. I had 39 followers in one hour. As promised, at 9:00 am the next day, I had 987 followers.


In the meantime, my paid likes took a little longer to appear, but the next morning I had exactly 230 likes on each of the 5 posts I described. (And 0 likes on the rest of my posts - Absolutely normal!)

Bottom line: I got what I paid for. Increase in my vanity matrix which will not pass the nine year old odor test. Also, these followers have no ability to manage my content, follow my links, or buy things.


Where to buy Instagram followers. Where should you go if you also want to feel professional and personal shame and potentially identity theft? The answer to this question varies for obvious reasons: Instagram would like to keep its real users happy, so it takes time and effort to get rid of the counterfeit. Naizop is the Best SMM Panel.