If you buy subscriptions and engagement unauthorized, you are "gaming the system", which is not to very good for you. Another thing to consider is the YouTube algorithm. If you buy a lot of bots or fake accounts to follow your channel, they are unlikely to interact with your content. The less engagement (viewing time) you get, the less likely you are to find a video on YouTube.


This creates a problem because you are always left to "pay to play" instead of getting the most out of the billions of active YouTube users searching for your content. However, while it is important to recognize these risks, this does not mean that you should not buy YouTube subscribers. All you need to do is fix it.

Instead of going from 0 to 100,000 subscribers overnight, slow down what is obviously wrong. Start with 1000, create the best content, then move on to the other 1000. Slowly climb the YouTube tree so that the growth is organic.

Let's take a look at them now.

1. Quick purchase


The first way to buy YouTube subscribers is through instant purchase. Basically, there are instant gratification services that have thousands of YouTubers and YouTube accounts in their database ready to follow your paid channel. All you have to do is visit their website, select a package and pay. It's like buying a pair of shoes!

Naizop is an example of this service.

The reason I like Naizop is that with this service you buy 100% genuine subscribers (not bots). You can also increase your engagement with this service by purchasing likes and views. The good news is that Naizop goes far enough to comply with YouTube's Terms of Service. Unlike many other services that have boot forms that follow your account.


YouTube's terms state that purchasing promotional services is perfectly legal as long as those services are produced by real users, promoted on social media and other legitimate channels, and most importantly, are not fake bots.

Naizop meets all these standards.

It's also easy to buy YouTube subscribers with Naizop. You can get 1,000 subscribers for 119.99 and receive them in 2 business days.

2 Google Advertising

Another way to buy YouTube subscribers is with Google ads. As you may know, Google owns YouTube and its advertising platform allows you to promote your YouTube channel to millions of people who are actively involved with other videos in your industry.


You are technically "not buying YouTube subscribers" using Google ads, but you are paying for views and engagement which will result in more subscribers. This approach is more organic than the quick purchase approach mentioned above and can take a long time to grow your following. It is also more expensive. But this 100% approach will not jeopardize your account, as you are working with the owner of YouTube!


One of the benefits of Google ads is that you can target a specific audience. Maybe you want to communicate with small business owners, for example. Or you may want to increase your YouTube subscribers with cat-loving people. Google Advertising's interest-based targeting lets you do just that.


How much does Google ads cost? You can run video view ads on virtually any budget, and depending on your targeting, get a minimum video view of up to 2 0.02 per view. The challenge then is to convert these ideas into subscribers, which can cost up to $ 1-2 per subscriber.

3. Other Advertising Networks

You can also get traffic to your YouTube channel from other ad networks, such as Facebook ads or local advertising platforms like Outbrain. Unlike instant follower purchases or Google advertising strategies, the user intent in other ad networks is very low. Basically, you are harassing people on other websites or social networks and asking them to come and watch your YouTube videos. Instead of talking to them when they are already on the platform.